Supplementary material


Subject Active House
Here there is given general information on the international Active House standard.

Active House building with BIPV
Active House Builders
Forslag til samspil mellem FBBB database, BIPV og AktivHus mærkning
Active House Symposium Bornholm September 2017
AktivHus standard
Artikel AktivHus
Nordic Built Active Roofs and Facades in Open Access Government
BIPV og Aktiv Hus med CIS eksempel
OAG 2016 Towards a 2025 standard
AH rapport Living in light box 
AH rapport Møddebro
AH Report Ellebo


Subject Zero Energy Building
Based on the EU Building Directive there are examples of zero energy building with active roofs and facades both for buildings and whole city quarters.

0-energi byggeri med BIPV
Cenergia and Ecovent ventilation systems information
BIPV Smart Energy CO2 neutral AH Bilag
Køge Nord Solfaktor 2030
Smarter Building e-book


Subject Active roofs and Facades
Here are shown technological solutions in the area of active roofs and facades both comprising solar energy solutions and building integrated ventilation systems.

Article Zero Emission Methodology
Article Active Roofs and Facades


Subject BIPV
Here are examples of building integrated PV solutions.

Markedsanalyse BIPV i DK og internationalt
A long service life combined facade and roofing technology
A new basis for buildings
Aktive facader og tage vinder frem
PV-Boost ventilation to avoid overheating
Nanoteknologi giver solcellermoduler nyt udtryk – SolarLab
SolarLab_CIS case_jan18


Subject Authorities
Here is shown a recent report from the Danish authority handling electricity and gas energy supply aiming at a full renewable electricity supply by 2035.

Systemperspektiv 2035