Partner meeting in Helsinki

The fourth partner meeting was held in Helsinki from the 24th to 25th of October 2016. The meeting was hosted by VTT.

The two days was spend presenting, talking and discussing all the work we have done so fare. At the meeting we had a focus on the Nordic Built Charter where we discussed where in our work we could see it reflected and which of the points in the Nordic Built Charter that had the strongest roll/impact in our project. After a lot of talk back and forth and a democratic vote process we agreed on point number 5 "Is functional, smart and aesthetically appealing, building on the best of the Nordic design tradition" as the most "important".

In connection to the partner meeting there was a study trip to two buildings in the area. The first stop was "Researchers hotel" in the presentation of the building there were a strong focus on the technical part. Fidelix gave a detailed introduction to the monitoring of the building.

The second stop was the main building of Helsinki University of Technology which was designed by Alvar Aalto. Here we saw examples on how the building was renovated and modified in order to fulfill the needs from the student.

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