Living in Light Box

The purpose of the Living in Light Box
The Living in Light Box, a CO2 neutral Active House test-housing unit demonstrating innovative Active Roofs and Facades technologies.

For more information about the vision, thoughts and technology, please have a look at the project brochure.

The Living in Light Box is arriving at KADK.

The Living in Light Box was moved in 2017 to Kulbanevej 14 in Valby, Copenhagen where the Living in Light Box is going to house ”Områdefornyelsen Kulbanevejkvarteret” which is a department in the municipality that is responsible for revitalization of the area. The Danish state railways earlier used the area that is close to a neighborhood. Now there is going to be a green park with football courts for the kids in the neighborhood.

The video includes a small presentation in Danish of the different technologies that is going to be tested in the Living in Light Box. In the video, there is a special focus on explaining the concept “Summer garden”.

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