Kick off partner meeting in Copenhagen

Nordic Built Active Roofs and Facades, Kick-Off meeting in Ballerup and Copenhagen, 19. – 20. June 2014.

Illustrations from the two days.

The kick-off meeting was on the 19. June held at the community house of the Ellebo Housing Estate in cooperation with KAB housing association and local tenants in Ellebo, who were a great help in the arrangements.

During the meeting at Ellebo there was, besides different presentations, good time for discussions between the partners, and at the same time a small best practice technologies exhibition gave inspiration for the work. There was also time for visiting 2 existing apartments, the Nordic Built Challenge competition winning architect Adam Khan also gave his view on the coming renovation project and besides a presentation on the Active House Specification was made.

Examples of best practice technologies presented was a facade integrated solar thermal building element, which used drain back and natural water in the solar circuit, an overall simple and low cost solution from Aventa in Norway. Presentation were also made on possible means of PV integration and new heat recovery ventilation (HRV) solutions incl. a new type of automatic filter box, which could reduce service intervals to every 5 – 10 years. On the 20. June a site visit tour was arranged to the best building integrated PV installation in Copenhagen (Søpassagen). See also the video film on this at the website: Besides there was a visit to a full scale test site with innovative duct work solutions and Leanvent dampers (which have a unique linear control). HRV systems here were produced by Ecovent from Denmark.

Illustrations of innovative duct systems with many small ducts at Gl. Kongevej. The aim is lower installations costs and a low electricity use.
Finally there was a presentation of window integrated HRV systems, both in connection to a practical installation at Sydhavnen in Copenhagen, made in cooperation with AKB/KAB, where the benefit were a simple HRV solution nearly without duct work and with a built-in heat function, so you can exchange a radiator with the new building integrated HRV element, which has exhaust and intake of air through the window frame.

The installation in Sydhavnen was made with great satisfaction for the involved tenant also because there was absolutely no noise and the combined injection of paper granulate insulation in  the floors along the facades ensured a much lower air leakage than before.  Each of two units only uses 5 – 6 W of electricity when providing approx. 50 m³/h each. The same technology is now being installed in a Copenhagen school classroom during the summer as part of the Nordic Built project. Here each of 3 HRV units provides 200 – 250 m³/h of air.
Another interesting feature presented was the remote comfort survey system, IC-Meter, which provides online information on CO2, humidity, temperature and noise. In the apartment in Sydhavnen there was a clear response from the system concerning CO2, when the large number of people entered for the visit.

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